尋找貝多芬 Finding Beethoven


透過聲音、樂器,幻想故事旅程中坐火車、過河、走過田野, 尋找傳説中偉大的德國音樂家貝多芬…

1. 幼兒唱遊班: 包括唱遊、律動及簡單敲擊樂器,讓兒童透過遊戲發揮對音樂的創意,享受與其他小朋友一起玩音樂的樂趣。

2. 音樂派對: 有互動音樂元素的生日會及演出分享會

時間 : 11:30-12:15

Orange 班 (2-4 歲)
星期三: 5/8   12/8   19/8   26/8


Blue 班 (5-7 歲)
星期四: 6/8   13/8   20/8   27/8


學費:每堂$300 (唱遊班)

地點: 灣仔
時間: 14:00-15:30
星期六: 1/8   8/8   15/8   29/8

學費:每堂$350 (音樂派對)

email: 或致電 9584 4687

- 姓名
- 年齡
- 電話
- 樂器(如適用)

支票枱頭: 天空地圖

Finding Beethoven

- a music+storytelling journey

1. Playgroups:
brings kids to listen and make music through imagination of sound, rhythms and words, introducing music and creative ideas by the great German composer Beethoven


2. Music party:
interactive music games and sharing performance in kids’ birthday party gatherings

We invite:

Kids from 2-4 years old to join our “orange” class
Kids from 5-7 years old to our “blue” class
Kids from 8-11 years old to our “rainbow” class


1. Playgroups
location: Unit B, 13/F, Hop Ying Commercial Centre, Prince Edward, Kowloon
Time: 11:30-12:15

orange class (2-4 yr. old)
Wednesdays: 5/8  12/8  19/8  26/8

blue class (5-7 yr. old)
Thursdays:  6/8  13/8  20/8  27/8

2. Music party
location: Wanchai
Time: 14:00-15:30

For registration, email: or phone 9584 4687
please provide the following info through email or phone:
- Name
- Age
- Contact phone no.
- Instrument (if applicable)

Cheque payable to “Skymap and Rainbow”

International Beethoven Summer Tour
國際貝多芬音樂和英語夏季課程 2013

Bringing European music and cultural education to children in Hong Kong!

Skymap Kids believes in the healing power of music, the function of learning music to restore wholeness and a sense of direction for the growth of kids. Our goal is to create a platform for music-making from beginners to professionals,  advocating creativity,  the sense of community and the well-being of our lives in the experience of music.



理想是從初學者到專業音樂人,都能夠經歷音樂活動可帶來的創造力量(creativity),社群合作性(community),及提升生活素質(well-being) 的另類選擇。


1. 音樂@小朋友生日派對 music@kids birthday party




2. 演出機會 performance opportunities

從幼兒到少年, 本地及海外(特別是德國及英國)演出機會作為學習目標:

- Edinburgh Music+ Travel Tour 2011

- International Beethoven Summer Tour 2013




3. 證書課程 Jaap Prinsen certificate for workshops and courses

提供在港取得荷蘭私立音樂學校 Jaap Prinsen Music School 證書的機會

- 幼兒創意音樂小組

Inter-kultur workshop

- 個別樂器及樂理教授:

piano, cello, saxophone, ABRSM music theory

skymap kids brochure 3 full-2.jpg
skymap kids brochure 3 full-1.jpg

“Inter-kultur” workshop on music and cultural diversity

Skymap and Rainbow offers this interdisciplinary workshop+performance to primary schools. Through interactive musical activities, identify the values of self-growth through understanding others’ cultures. Games and group activities emphasize the importance of listening and creative thinking. Team-building skills are developed. This 3-day workshop, with the main theme of German culture, conclude with a performance, function as motivation for learning and sharing.

Dr. Ip gave talk about Skymap and Rainbow at the Rotary Club, Kowloon, 21 March 2013

In the talk entitled “Music Learning and Cultural Travelling”, a summer tour combining music learning, performing and cultural travelling has been introduced by our creative director Dr. Kimho Ip, who recently brings this programme from Europe to Hong Kong. The summer tour in 2013 has the theme, International Beethoven Summer Tour. It features five 7-day tours in July and August, with the opportunity to travel to Amsterdam, Bonn and Berlin, to receive musical training and masterclasses with music tutors from dutch and german music schools, as well as the chance to perform at the chamber music hall of the Beethoven House in Bonn, where the great composer was born. Dr. Ip presented the company’s past activities in the UK and Germany. More than 30 schools in Scotland have joined the inter-cultural music programme led by Dr. Ip during the past 5 years.


The significance of combining music learning with travelling is explained during the talk, with the emphasis on the motivation of creative thinking, the exchange among cultures and performance as a task for sharing and learning. Skymap and Rainbow’s ideas of participatory activities during the music-making process is a legacy of Professor Nigel Osborne from the University of Edinburgh, with whom Dr. Ip has worked together since 2004. He advocates the healing power of music, the function of learning music to restore wholeness and a sense of direction, as well as the sense of belonging to the community.

More talks will be given by Dr. Ip to Rotary Clubs Wanchai and Hong Kong in April and May.