About Skymap Kids


Skymap Kids is our educational programme targeting children under 12 years old, introducing European style music learning pedagogy. Activities include Music+Travel tour, with local and overseas performance opportunities, Interculture workshops, as well as instrument classes and interactive music@kids’ birthday parties. Skymap Kids believes that creative participatory music-making activities can bring the message of healthy living to kids and their parents, emphasising the therapeutic function of music. We hope to bring both adults and kids together to experience the power of creativity, community and well-being.



Skymap Kids 是為12歲以下兒童而設,引入歐洲的體驗式音樂教育理念。活動包括本地與海外文化旅遊行程和演出機會,跨文化學習工作坊,以至樂器班,及有互動音樂元素的生日分享會。我們的創意多元文化理念,強調音樂活動對全面心靈健康的治療功能,及對兒童智能發展的重要性。期盼從小朋友到專業音樂教師,共同經歷音樂活動的參與性帶來的創造力量(creativity),社群合作性(community),及提升生活素質(well-being) 的另類選擇。